Matt Rademacher


Basic Information

Strength Alertness Agility
68 59 92
Height Weight Age
74" 181 lbs 22
Primary MOS Secondary MOS Alignment
Point Man Grenadier Opportunistic-Karmic


Small Arms Heavy Arms Hand To Hand Non-Weapons
Shotgun Light Machine Gun Unarmed Detect Ambushes
Grenade Launcher Flamethrower Knife Fighting Detect Mines/Booby Traps
Land Navigation
Silent Movement

You get basic infantry skills for free, including:
Climbing, Assault Rifle (M16), Grenade Throwing, and Basic Infantry.
The last of which is rudimentary training in a bunch of basic skills.

Wound Record

Wound Points Current ST Carrying Capacity Movement Rate

Service Record

Area of Assignment Commendations, Medals, and Awards Experience Points

Equipment Lists

Clothing List Pocket Contents Belt Attachments Shoulder Slung Handheld Items Rucksack Contents

Weapons and Combat Training

Weapons Base Effectiveness Heavy Weapons Base Effectiveness Hand To Hand Base Effectiveness

Non-Weapons Skills

MOS Speciality Base Effectiveness General Skills Base Effectiveness

Matt Rademacher

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