Jean Deaux

Strength:58 Agility:52 Alterness:80 age:26 height:62" weight:143 Intelligence Small Arms Heavy Weapons Hand to Hand Non-Weapon 2 1 2 5 Pistol Light Machinegun Knife Fighting Language: Advanced Semi-Automatic Rifle Unarmed Combat Detect Concealment Ride Elephants Night Fighting: Detect Enemy Airborne: Basic Climbing, Assault Rifle (M-16), Grenade Throwing, and Basic Infantry

Basic Information

Strength Alertness Agility
85 63 61
Height Weight Age
5’11 171 lbs 19
Primary MOS Secondary MOS Alignment
Point Machine Gunner Malignant-Psychotic


Small Arms Heavy Arms Hand To Hand Non-Weapons
Assault Rifle (M-16) Light Machinegun (M-60) Unarmed Detect Ambushes
Grenade Launcher Heavy Machinegun (M-2) Bayonet Detect Mines and Booby Traps
Shotgun Silent Movement
Night Fighting: Detect Enemy
Basic Infantry

Wound Record

Wound Points Current ST Carrying Capacity Movement Rate
170 85 85 lbs 85

Service Record

Area of Assignment Commendations, Medals, and Awards Experience Points

Equipment Lists

Clothing List Pocket Contents Belt Attachments Shoulder Slung Handheld Items Rucksack Contents

Weapons and Combat Training

Weapons Base Effectiveness Heavy Weapons Base Effectiveness Hand To Hand Base Effectiveness
M-16 48% Light Machine Gun 56% Unarmed 66%
Grenade Launcher (203) 89% Heavy Machine Gun 20% Grenade Throwing 66%
Shotgun 76% Bayonet N/A

Non-Weapons Skills

MOS Speciality Base Effectiveness General Skills Base Effectiveness
Detect Ambushes 71% Night Fighting: Detect Enemy 32%
Detect Mines and Booby Traps 63% Silent Movement N/A
Basic Infantry 65%
Climbing N/A

Jean Deaux

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