Recon GWOT

Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia


Mission Briefing – Saint Lucia

Tropic fury 1

  1. Method of Insertion: Two waves of (8-9) CH-46s and CH-53s with (2) AH-1 Cobras in support. Primary LZ is LZ Broncos, 0.5km south of Vieux Fort Airport (20PQA221191). Secondary LZ is LZ Bears, 2.5km north of the Airport. Insertion time is 25 0500L OCT 83.
  2. Fire Support Availability: There are no friendly artillery units on the island and naval gunfire is unavailable. HMM-261 has (4) AH-1 Cobras, (2) of which will be on-station until H-Hour +2 and will provide air support within minutes if requested. The second element will be held in reserve and can be on-station within two hours. In addition, intermittent naval air support will be available consisting of A-7 Corsairs from the Independence BG.
  3. Enemy Movement Information: The People’s Revolutionary Army (PRA) numbers about 1,200 regulars, backed by a militia of 2,000 to 5,000 men and 300 to 400 armed police, for a total strength of between 3,500 to 6,600. The soldiers are primarily armed with light weapons: AK47s, mortars, antitank rockets, and light machine guns. Their main striking force is provided by eight Soviet BTR60 amphibious armored personnel carriers and two BRDM2 amphibious scout cars, all with heavy 14.5-mm. machine guns. Their armor and armament make them formidable weapons platforms. The most capable elements of the enemy forces, and those posing the most significant risk to any friendly units, are the antiaircraft (AA) batteries. These reportedly are equipped with Soviet-designed 12.7mm and 37mm AA guns with well-trained gunners. In addition, the PRA maintains a small coast guard with a few converted fishing boats. Finally, there about 30 to 50 Cuban military advisers, an unknown number of Cuban civilians, and about 600 Cuban construction workers are believed to be on the island.
  4. Terrain and Weather Information: Weather is expected to be partially-cloudy for the next three days, although there is a possible storm front coming in from the Atlantic. The terrain in the Vieux Fort area consists of relatively flat and built-up areas, hemmed in by water to the east and west, a hilly peninsula to the south, and hills and mountains to the north. About ten towns are within 10km of Vieux Fort.
  5. Mission Objectives: Primary mission is to secure the Vieux Fort Airport. Secondary mission is to establish a perimeter for the rest of BLT to land. Additional missions may include protecting any US nationals in the area, destroying local PRA forces, and securing Vieux Fort, including its port facilities.
  6. Special Rules: ROEs call for the use of only those weapons essential to the success of the mission. Disruption to the local economy is to be minimized, commensurate with the accomplishment of the mission.
  7. Method of Extraction: In the event of overwhelming enemy resistance, FF should retrograde to peninsula south of Vieux Fort and clear a LZ for aerial extraction.


Basic Training

800px chosin range

Character Creation
Follow these generic directions. There are plenty of caveats, but we'll deal with those one-by-one

Recon character creation

Revised Recon Book

Step 1 – Basic Attributes

Roll 3d100 and assign them among Strength, Agility, and Alterness. If any skill is less than 30 or if the total is less than 100, you can roll again. Next you roll for age, height, and weight. For age, roll 1d10 and add it to 16. For height, roll 1d20 and add it added to 57". For weight, roll 1d100 and add it to 110 lbs,

Step 2 – Picking an MOS

Next, decide what you want your MOS to be – Grenadier, Intelligence, Medic, Pigman (Machine Gunner), Point Man (Rifleman), RTO or Sniper. Then you pick a Secondary MOS, which is any of the above plus Demolitions and Heavy Weapons.

The number of skills is determined by a character’s MOS:

MOS Small Arms Heavy Weapons Hand to Hand Non-Weapon
Grenadier 2 4 1 3
Intelligence 2 1 2 5
Medic 2 1 1 6
Pigman 2 3 3 2
Point 2 2 2 4
RTO 3 1 1 5
Sniper 4 2 1 3

Step 3 – Picking Weapons Skills

Generic Weapons Heavy Weapons Hand to Hand

Sub-Machine Gun

Bolt-Action Rifle

Semi-Automatic Rifle


Grenade Launcher
Anti-Tank Weapons

Light Machinegun

Heavy Machinegun

60mm Mortar


Knife Fighting

Knife Throwing

Unarmed Combat

Step 4 – Picking Non-Weapons Skills

General Skills

Airborne: Basic, Airborne: Pathfinder, Airborne: H.A.L.O., Detect Concealment, Detect Dangerous Animals, Detect/Locate Food, Detect/Locate Water, Dry Sub, Language: Basic, Language: Advanced, Night Fighting: Detect Enemy, Night Fighting: Rapid Movement, Repelling, Ride Elephants, S.C.U.B.A., Silent Movement, Spear Gun, Submersible: Tow Sub, Submersible: Two Man Sub (Also see Dry Sub), Suppressors and Silencers, Underwater Navigation

In addition, all characters receive Climbing, Assault Rifle (M-16), Grenade Throwing, and Basic Infantry.

MOS-Specific Skills
Demolitions Intelligence Medic Point Man RTO Sniper

Demolitions Disposal (E.O.D.)

Demolitions Underwater
Intelligence: Basic

Intelligence: Detect Guerrillas

Intelligence: Detect Unit and Rank



Safecracking/Lock Picking
Medic Detect Ambushes

Detect Mines and Booby Traps

Land Navigation

Communications: Basic

Communications: Scramblers

Communications: Zip-Squeal

Communications: Satellite Relay

Forward Air Controller

Forward Observer

Starlight Scopes

Step 5 – Fine-Tuning Skills

The initial score for all Weapons Systems is 1d100.

The initial score for all Non-Weapons Skills is Agility + 5.

Step 6 – Choosing Alignment

  • Idealistic
  • Opportunist
  • Malignant

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